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Dear Caregiver: You Can Face This!

The caregiver journey is really, really, REALLY hard. As we’ve stepped into this brand new year, we are re-realizing how true this is. That’s why we want to bring you some encouragement!


“I Am A Work In Progress”

I saw it happen. Not live, but minutes after. I watched the full unedited version through an Instagram account I follow. The “Slap” seen around the world, on stage, at The Oscars. Maybe not the greatest night in television history but, now, certainly the most infamous.


How To Parent A Child Who Can’t Recognize Boundaries

A great majority of human life is made up of boundaries. As we grow from early childhood, into the teenage years, and eventually adulthood, we are continuously surrounded by boundaries. Boundaries to keep us safe, boundaries to preserve healthy relationships, boundaries to keep us within the law (to name a few). But what do you do when you are parenting a child who can’t recognize boundaries?


How To Survive This Holiday Season

I want to get one thing straight to begin. This is not a post JUST for parents or caregivers. This is also for our children. When it comes to surviving this high emotion-season, our children need help surviving it. It can be all-crushing to their emotional well-being.


How To Help An Impulsive Child Think Long-Term

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint!” used to describe everything from exercise, to home improvement, to building your savings account. It’s even been used to describe parenting. For the most part, it’s a logical statement that helps us as humans to think long-term about life. But what do you do when you’re parenting a child who can’t think long term?


How To Empower Your Child To Build Healthy Attachments

Our children’s trauma history can drastically disrupt the development of a health attachment with you. In fact, it’s something we may spend their entire childhood, or adolescence, working to rebuild. But what about their relationships outside of our care? Or their future relationships? How do we empower them to recognize and build healthy attachments with others, who are trusted and safe?


How Much Should You Tell Teachers About Your Child’s Trauma?

We’re now weeks into the school year and, even though some children are doing virtual school, and some are in person, the fact is they are involved with a teacher. That teacher may notice that comprehension, or attention, is in short supply with your child. That begs the question: How much should you fill your teacher in on your child’s trauma history?


Should I Adopt?

It’s a question that comes into our email, and social media, inboxes often. “Should I adopt?” We have some very specific answers to this question.


How To Prepare To Be A Foster Parent

So you’re starting out on the foster parenting journey. Or perhaps you’re stepping back into it. In any case, there are some important steps to take in order to be as prepared as you can be.

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