A Mountain Top Experience for Foster & Adoptive Dads

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2023 dates: October 1-4

What Is Road Trip?

Let's begin with what Road Trip is NOT. It's NOT a retreat, NOT a conference, and NOT a church men's retreat. It's a conversation. 

Weird, right? What does that even mean? At Road Trip we're all about invitation. Simply put...you attend a retreat, but you're invited into a conversation. And the best part? You can choose to participate, or just listen. In any case, Road Trip is safe space for foster and adoptive dads to share their greatest fears and greatest struggles, without judgement.  

In the midst of this conversation, you also get a chance to getaway and participate in fly fishing, hiking, exploring, napping (if you need it), micro-brewery trips, horseback riding, and much much more! 

At Road Trip, you're invited into...

A conversation you can engage in or just listen to. Your choice 

Camaraderie with fellow dads who face the same struggles 

Safe space to share honestly without the fear of criticism 

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Get a glimpse into what makes Road Trip....ROAD TRIP...

Meet The Leaders Of Road Trip...


Mike is a Best-Selling author, award-winning podcaster and blogger, and a sought after speaker and trainer in the adoption and foster care space. He and his wife, Kristin, co-founded The Honestly Adoption Company which specializes in providing virtual support to foster and adoptive parents worldwide. He is the father of 8 children all through adoption. He's been married to Kristin for 22 years. They live on a farm in Indiana.


Jason leads Austin New Church, a missional, Methodist, fully inclusive faith community in the cultural district of South Austin.Jason has 5 daughters; 4 bio and one adopted. Jason values honesty, vulnerability, and a demythologized approach to parenting built on a commitment to create and maintain the conditions required for mutual thriving. On a good day, Jason is a happy dad. On any day, he accepts that as his work to do, not his kids.


Andrew is founding attorney behind the Children’s Law Center of Washington, a 501c3 law clinic offering free & low-cost legal services to achieve permanence for Washington State’s orphaned and vulnerable kids. Andrew and his wife Michele co-founded the Refresh Conference eight years ago. Andrew is particularly passionate about the roles of dads in foster/adoptive families.

2023 Road Trip Date & Location...

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Road Trip 2023 takes place at Beautiful Bear Trap Ranch in the mountains surrounding Colorado Springs, CO

Learn more at www.beartrapranch.org

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COVID-19 Vaccinations are encouraged but not required for attendance at Road Trip 2023. Bear Trap Ranch along with the Road Trip leadership team will continue to take necessary precautions to ensure all attendee's safety. This includes advanced cleaning and sterilization of utensils, tables, cabins, and common areas.

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2023 Registration...

(First 40 is closed. Early Bird now open)

Here's what you get with Road Trip Early Bird registration...

  • Lodging at Bear Trap Ranch for 3 nights
  • 8 full meals onsite
  • Road Trip beer glass (this is important!)
  • Bed linens & towels in your lodging
  • 0% refund if canceled (*Read our refund policy)
  • Flights and ground transportation
  • Meals or lodging away from Bear Trap

$389 per person

(Beginning August 1st)

Here's what you get with Road Trip Early Bird registration...

  • Lodging at Bear Trap Ranch for 3 nights
  • 8 full meals onsite
  • Road Trip beer glass (this is important!)
  • Bed linens & towels in your lodging
  • 0% refund if canceled (*Read our refund policy)
  • Flights and ground transportation
  • Meals or lodging away from Bear Trap

$409 per person


*7 spots remaining


*Registration price includes meals, lodging, bedding, and materials onsite at Bear Trap Ranch. Price does not include air or ground travel, meals offsite from the ranch, or recreation costs.

*Refunds are available until 11:59pm PDT on June 30th, 2023. No refunds will be issued after June 30th because our contract with Bear Trap Ranch becomes non-refundable and non-negotiable. If you have to cancel after June 30th, you can recoup your registration in the event that someone takes your spot. However, it will be your responsibility to find your replacement.  


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does Road Trip cost and why?

Early bird registration is $369 (available to the first 40 registrations), and $389 after the first 40, until 11:59pm PDT on June 30th. Beginning August 1st, the price of Road Trip is $409. The cost includes lodging and meals for 4 days at the ranch, as well as beer glass and additional programming materials.

How do I know it's for me?

If you're a dad and you often wrestle with isolation, exhaustion, frustration, or just need to know you're not alone, or the thoughts you struggle with are not crazy, Road Trip is for you. At Road Trip you will find a fierce commitment to providing you with safe space to share openly without the fear of judgement.

Does it matter if I'm new to parenting?

Nope! In fact, we would tell you that you NEED Road Trip more than ever. You have no idea what ups and downs, or great challenges are ahead. Road Trip helps you find a unique perspective on parenting, marriage, manhood, and life.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun if you engage in the conversations and/or hikes, micro-brewery trips, fly fishing, etc. but Road Trip is your trip to do with what you want to do and need to do. If you need to rest, we will tell you to take a nap. If you need to spend some time alone, do it. This is your road trip.  

Where does Road Trip take place?

Road Trip happens in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, at 9100 feet, just outside of Colorado Springs. The best two airports to fly into are Colorado Springs or Denver International.  

Does my location matter?

Not at all. We have men join us from all over North American and even outside of the US and Canada. If you have access to an airport, you can get to Road Trip!  

What are the sleeping arrangements like in the cabins?

You'll either be in a multi-room cabin or a larger lodge with multiple rooms for your stay at Road Trip. The beds are moderately comfortable but we recommend packing some memory foam if you can. Every cabin/room has outlets to charge phones, or plug in CPAP machines.  

Can I request my own cabin/room?

You can, but we can't guarantee that we can make that happen. There are no guarantees that individual rooms can be granted.  

Do I need to get the COVID vaccination before attending?

It is not required to attend but we highly HIGHLY recommend it. Our belief is not politicly motivated, it's simply for the good of your fellow man as well as the Bear Trap Ranch staff, and those you come into contact with at breweries and as you travel.  

Is there WiFi/cell phone reception at the Ranch?

Wifi will not be available while at Bear Trap ranch. And there is no cell service since we are In a valley surrounded by mountains. You are able to get cell phone reception at the top of the mountain surrounding the ranch. We will provide the contact information for Bear Trap to give to your family after you register.  

Do you provide transportation at Road Trip?

We do not provide any ground transportation during your stay at Road Trip. You will be responsible for renting your own vehicle or connecting with other attendees to arrange car pooling. We do invite you into a Car Pool Facebook Group to connect with other guys to arrange this after you register.  

What if I need to cancel or request a refund?

We understand that things come up and plans change. However, due to contractual obligations with Bear Trap ranch we do have a strict cancellation/refund policy in place. Read that here. Full refunds are available until 11:59pm PDT on June 30th. After June 30th, Road Trip is non-refundable, no exceptions, because our contract with Bear Trap is confirmed.  

What safety measures are in place in light of COVID-19?

Bear Trap Ranch has committed to strenuous cleaning procedures that includes deep cleaning and sanitizing the dining hall, all common areas, as well as the cabins and lodge.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes you can. In fact, just after registering you will have the opportunity to tell us who you would like to room with if you are coming with a friend. We understand how important personal connections and friendship are and will do everything we can to accommodate all requests.  

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