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What Is Training Central?

Training Central is the branch of Honestly Adoption University created exclusively for agencies, support groups, ministries, and organizations who work with or care for foster and adoptive families. We recognize the great need you have to provide ongoing quality training content for your people. That's why we created Training Central. It's your one-stop shop for quality training content to help your parents thrive. The best part? You create the training package that provides the most effective education for your families or personnel. To get started, browse our content package options below and then
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With each of our online courses we have the ability to create individual accounts for your families or personnel to go through the course at their leisure, from the comfort of their own home or office, or provide all of the course content for you to host support group meetings, in-house trainings, or virtual workshops.

  • Trauma Knowledge Masterclass
  • Self Care Workshop
  • Healthy Marriage Masterclass
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With our multi-hour training webinars and conference replays, you can equip your people with in-depth training content that's consumable over a shorter period of time. Similar to our online course capabilities, our team can customize a personal, in-home viewing experience for your families or personnel, or provide video content for you to host a virtual workshop or in-house training.

  • Understanding Trauma & Attachment
  • Setting Up Your Home For Success
  • Insight Conference 2019 Replay
  • Tools For Transracial Adoptive Families
  • Birth Family Relationships (COMING IN 2021)


Through Oasis we can solve a big struggle that your parents face- the need for DAILY support. Oasis is our virtual support, resource, and mentoring site, accessible 24-7, 365 days a year. We can create as many individual accounts as you need. Your parents will have access to weekly online meet ups, parent-to-parent mentoring over Zoom, and exclusive training and encouragement content ONLY available through Oasis


Our Discussion Starter Videos are perfect for support group interaction (in person or virtual), or breakout session discussions. Each series comings with 6 video sessions, leader's guides, and questions for groups to go through together (COMING OCT. 1st)

  • You choose the topic you want us to teach on
  • You choose the length of the training
  • You work with our team to choose a date and time
  • We'll build your webinar and provide registration links
  • You send them to your people or personnel to register
  • Mike and Kristin will present your training LIVE on your date
  • Afterward we'll send the replay links and 1 year's access

The Complete Honestly Adoption University Library To Choose From...

Trauma Knowledge Masterclass (Course)

Featuring 25 teaching sessions over 6 modules, Trauma Knowledge Masterclass is our flagship course that helps parents gain a simple understanding of trauma, disrupted attachment, how to manage behaviors, communicate their child's needs to pros, and set their home up for maximum success.

Self Care Workshop (Course)

You can’t effectively or adequately care for your children if you aren’t intentionally carving out time to care for yourself. But how do you do that? Through Self Care Workshop we teach practical ways to care for you while you stay hands on in caring for your children.

Healthy Marriage Masterclass (Course)

One of the main relationships to take a hit on the parenting journey, is marriage. It’s hard to keep your relationship strong when you deal with exhaustion and frustration on a daily basis. In this 3-part video series, we teach you keys to keeping the partnership of your marriage healthy.

Understanding Trauma, Disrupted Attachment, & How To Manage Behaviors
(4 Hour Training) 

What if you could gain a practical, yet insightful, perspective on your child’s trauma history, and how to better manage their behaviors and thus, build a secure attachment with them? In this webinar replay, we walk you through a simple understanding of trauma, and strategies to better manage extreme behaviors.

Setting Up Your Home For Success: Safety Plans & Crisis Management
(3 Hour Training)

What do you do if you find out you’re under investigation with child protective services? How do you respond? What steps should you take? In this 3-hour training we give you practical steps to help you create the safest home environment possible and manage crisis to the best of your ability.

The Insight Conference 2019 Complete Live Stream Replay
(18 Hours Of Training)

Do you need a training experience to help you better understand your child, and create a home environment that is as safe as possible? Have no fear! Our Live Training Webinar replays are on-demand whenever you need them. If you are connected to an agency or support group, we can provide extra access to these training experiences.

Tools For Transracial Adoptive Parents
(2 Hour Training) 

We are pleased to host a 2-hour training for parents, presented in partnership with transracial adult adoptees, to help transracial adoptive parents find the tools, and insight to help their children.

Building Positive Relationships With Birth Families (2 Hour Training)

We strongly believe in building and fostering positive, healthy relationships with birth families, because we are connected to them through our children. In this 2 hour training we share valuable insights and strategies to connect to and formulate strong relationships. *COMING IN 2021

Discussion Starter Videos
(6-Video Per Series)

Discussion Starters are video shorts that prompt and foster discussion. Each quarter we produce a series of 6 sessions hosted by Mike and Kristin Berry, that are 12-15 minutes in length. These are ideal for agencies or support groups, but you and a friend, or a small group, could also utilize these.

Oasis Community
(Weekly Online Support)

24-7 online support for foster and adoptive parents, featuring a private Facebook Group, weekly Meet-Ups via Zoom, and exclusive insider training content only available to Oasis members.


"We purchased a Trauma Knowledge Masterclass license for our organization. One of our families, who went through the course, said the class really opened their eyes and helped them to prepare to parent children with a trauma history.  We had another parent, who went through Setting Up Your Home For Success, tell us that she wished she would have known the content that was presented when she first started fostering. She felt it was such great information."

Sherie Madewell-Buesgens, LBSW
Post Adopt Supervisor, Catholic Charities, North Dakota

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