Honestly Adoption University

The training and coaching you need to help you thrive as a parent!

What is Honestly Adoption University?

Honestly Adoption University is our carefully and thoughtfully crafted education portal within the Honestly Adoption Company. It exists to equip parents with the tools they need to thrive as a parent!

Check below to browse our selection of online courses, parent coaching, webinar trainings, discussion starter videos, and live events.

Online Courses

Trauma Knowledge Masterclass

Featuring 25 teaching sessions over 6 modules, Trauma Knowledge Masterclass is our flagship course that helps parents gain a simple understanding of trauma, how to rebuild disrupted attachment, strategies to better manage behaviors, steps to effectively communicate their child’s needs to pros, and keys to set their home up for maximum success.

Self Care Workshop

You can’t effectively or adequately care for your children if you aren’t intentionally carving out time to care for yourself. But how do you do that? Through Self Care Workshop we teach practical ways to care for you while you stay hands on in caring for your children. 

Healthy Marriage Masterclass

One of the primary relationships that takes a hit on the parenting journey, is marriage. In fact, it’s hard to keep your relationship strong when you deal with exhaustion and frustration on a daily basis. In this 3-part video series filmed during a 1-day seminar, we teach you keys to preserving your partnership and building a healthy marriage.

Parent Coaching

THRIVE Parent Coaching

What if you had someone to walk with you on this journey every single week, for an entire year? Better yet, what if you had an entire group of like-minded parents from all over the world to lean on, vent to, get advice from, and grow with. Thrive Parent Coaching provides individual or small group coaching to help you thrive on the parenting journey.

Webinars & Live Stream Replays

Insights & Strategies For Transracial
Adoptive Parents

Now Available!

We are pleased to host a 2-hour training for parents, presented entirely by transracial adult adoptees, to help transracial adoptive parents find the tools, and insight to help their children. 

Building Positive Relationships With Birth Families

Coming in 2021

We strongly believe in building and fostering positive, healthy relationships with birth families, because we are connected to them through our children. In this 2 hour training we share valuable insights and strategies to connect to and formulate strong relationships.

Understanding Trauma, Disrupted Attachment, & How To Manage Aggressive & Defiant Behaviors

4-Hour Training Webinar

What if you could gain a practical, yet insightful, perspective on your child’s trauma history, and how to better manage their behaviors and thus, build a secure attachment with them? In this webinar replay, we walk you through a simple understanding of trauma, and strategies to better manage extreme behaviors. 

Setting Up Your Home For Success: How To Create Safety Plans, Navigating CPS Investigations, & Managing Crisis

3-Hour Training Webinar

What do you do if you find out you’re under investigation with child protective services? How do you respond? What steps should you take? In this 3-hour training we give you practical steps to help you create the safest home environment possible and manage crisis to the best of your ability.

Video Series

Discussion Starter Videos

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is enter into ongoing, valuable conversation. We created Discussion Starters to help make that happen. Each quarter we produce a series of 6 sessions hosted by Mike and Kristin Berry, that are 12-15 minutes in length. These are ideal for agencies or support groups, but you and a friend, or a small group, could also utilize these. *SERIES 1 NOW AVAILABLE

Live Events

Road Trip (For Foster & Adoptive Dads)

Road Trip is a mountaintop experience exclusively for foster and adoptive dads. It takes place every fall at Bear Trap Ranch in the mountains above Colorado Springs, CO. During Road Trip we foster safe space and open conversation so that dads can share openly and honestly without fear of judgement or criticism. You also get a chance to getaway for a few days and participate in fly fishing, hiking, exploring, napping (if you need it), micro-brewery trips, horseback riding, and much much more!

The Insight Conference

The Insight Conference is a 2 day live training event created to give you practical insight into your child’s trauma and how it affects their life and behaviors. Each year we partner with the world’s leading experts in trauma, attachment, and therapeutic strategies to craft an experience that is both education and inspirational. Our goal is for you to walk away from Insight with the tools you need to help you parent effectively, and transform your parenting journey.

Are You An Adoption Agency, Support Group Leader, Or Organization Director?

Make sure you check out our special extension of Honestly Adoption University, created especially for Foster and Adoptive Agencies, Organizations, and Ministries. We can build custom training packages to help your parents and personnel thrive.

Mike and Kristin Berry are the Co-Founders of The Honestly Adoption Company and have been parents for nearly two decades. They are the authors of six books, and the host of The Honestly Adoption Podcast.

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray is the executive assistant to Mike and Kristin Berry. And she is the best in the land. In addition to providing a warm and friendly response to the many emails our company receives on a weekly basis, she also manages Mike and Kristin’s speaking and meeting schedules, and makes sure that team events go off without a hitch.

Nicole Goerges

Nicole Goerges is a Content Contributor & Special Consultant for The Honestly Adoption Company. She works with Mike and Kristin as a recurring co-host for the Honestly Adoption Podcast, and co-host of Kitchen Table Talks, exclusive video content for Oasis Community, along with Kristin. She is a fellow adoptive mom, and former foster parent.

Matt McCarrick

Matt McCarrick is the Content Production Specialist for The Honestly Adoption Company. If you’ve loved listening to our podcast, or enjoyed any of the videos trainings we’ve published, you have Matt to thank. He oversees all of our content production, from video edits, to making sure the tags are correct on YouTube, to uploading new videos to Oasis, to hitting publish on a podcast episode, he’s a content wonder!

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is the Community Engagement Specialist for The Honestly Adoption Company. She spends the bulk of her time interacting with, and helping, people through our various social media channels, as well as providing support for Oasis Community members through chat support or Zoom calls. In the same spirit as Beaver, Karen is also passionate about connecting with parents and making them feel loved and supported. Karen is also an FASD trainer and travels often, equipping and encouraging parents.

Beaver Trumble

Beaver Trumble is the Customer Care Specialist for The Honestly Adoption Company. Chances are, if you have been in need of technical support, or forgotten your password to one of our courses, you have interacted with Beaver. He is an absolute pro at customer care. In fact, he single-handedly revolutionized our customer care department last year. Beaver is passionate about connecting with parents and making them feel loved and encouraged.

Kristin Berry

Kristin Berry is the co-founder of, and Chief Content Specialist for, The Honestly Adoption Company. She spends most of her time researching and connecting with guests for our podcast, as well as direction, designing and publishing a lot of the content for our social media channels, blog and podcast. She loves to connect with fellow parents around the world, and share the message of hope with them.

Mike Berry

Mike Berry is the co-founder of, and Chief Marketing Specialist for, The Honestly Adoption Company. He spends the bulk of his time and energy designing and building many of the resources you see within our company, as well as social media and email campaigns. His goal is to use media as a means to encourage and equip parents around the world. He is also the co-host of The Honestly Adoption Podcast.