20 Reasons Why My 4-Year Old’s Feelings Are Hurt!

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My 4-year old son Sam gets his feelings hurt really easy. And when I say easy, I mean easy! If you look at him the wrong way, or say something he doesn't like, his runs into the other room and collapses in a heap of emotion. As any good parent (especially one who is a blogger) would do, I take notes, and methodically plan out a future post, while his mother takes pictures!

After a year of careful research and study (okay, not really), not to mention outbursts of laughter (and some compassion too), I present to you the 20 reasons why my 4-year old’s feelings are hurt:

#20… He was told to put his shoes and coat on for the 5th time so we could leave for dinner! (Each time, he was asked politely)

#19… He was warned that if he put mascara in his eyes it would burn!

#18… His brother told him to stop touching him!

#17… He was told that it was now 9 pm and time for bed!

#16… He got up from his place at the table and went out to the backyard to play and the table was cleared!

#15… He was told to wash his hands before eating a snack!

#14… Someone said “Good Morning” to him!

#13… His sister looked at him the wrong way!

#12… He was caught putting his mom’s mascara all over his face while he was supposed to be taking a nap!

#11… He was warned, while at the beach in Florida, that the waves were pretty big and could knock him over, so it was important for him to stay back!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 6.51.02 AM
Sam, after face-planting on the beach in Florida, when a wave hit him.

#10… His older brother’s bike was too big for him to ride!

#9… It was morning and he didn’t want to be awake, but he woke up and came downstairs on his own accord!

#8… All of the Christmas presents were not for him!

#7… He finished all of his fries and we couldn’t magically produce any more out of thin air!

#6… Someone smiled at him!

#5… It was 20 degrees outside and we told him to go back upstairs and get warmer clothes!

#4… The episode of Spongebob Squarepants ended and we turned the station!

#3… We had to wash his Beeko (aka- blanket) because it had developed a crusty substance all over it!

#2… He woke us up at 2 am and we put him back to bed!

#1… His mom picked up another child, who was younger than him, and he demanded that he was “always the baby!”

Have any reasons why your 4-year old (or any other age, for that matter) has gotten their feelings hurt lately?

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