Incredibles 2 Is Just That….Incredible!

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It's opening week for Disney-Pixar's Incredibles 2, and we are your central hub for all things Incredible, including a short review of the film and a very special family fun page with coloring pages, activity sheets, recipes and more!

(*WARNING- Spoilers are contained in this review)

Laugh-out-loud humor, girl-power, family values, and one solid storyline.

These are just a few ways I would describe the brand new Disney Pixar film, Incredibles 2.

I took my two teenage daughters (yes teenagers!) to see Incredibles 2 last week a few days before it released to the public and in short…it did not disappoint. At all! In fact, as one of the most highly anticipated sequels in Disney Pixar’s history, it far exceeded my expectations as a moviegoer, a Disney fan, and a dad. Not only that, but my two daughters (who were 2 years old, and almost 4 when the first film released) loved every second of it. In fact, my 16-year old returned on opening night with a group of friends to see it a second time!

This is a “see-it-a-second-or-third-or-fourth-time” kind of movie! When I arrived home my younger children asked if I would take them to see Incredibles 2 and without hesitation I said, “Yes!”

With a cleaver and smooth storyline, multiple hilarious moments throughout the film (seriously, Jack Jack chasing the Raccoon, Bob trying to do math homework and keep track of a very mobile baby, Edna Mode designing a new costume for Jack Jack….HILARIOUS!!), dastardly villains like The Underminer, and Screenslaver, plus an intense focus on female empowerment and leadership (more on that in a minute), Incredibles 2 is a must-see film. Your kids are gonna love it.

Incredibles 2 By The Grade!

Since the school year just ended, I thought I’d give you a quick run down on the film using grades….cleaver right?

  • Storyline: A+. Can’t say enough good stuff about the writing in this film. Such an airtight storyline and direction for a sequel. Often, sequels fall into a bad habit of trying to capitalize on the success of their predecessor by including throwbacks to funny lines or moments from the previous films  In fact, you can see this film without seeing the first one and still understand what’s happening, and who certain characters are. Disney does a marvelous job of introducing new characters to offset traditional characters like Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Edna Mode, and Frozone. (SPOILER) My daughter’s and I had Winston Deavor (the billionaire head of Devtech) pegged as the mastermind behind the sinister and hypnotic Screenslaver, but were surprised when Winston’s eccentric sister, Evelyn, is actually pulling the strings. (SPOILER) Even as an adult, I was on the edge of my seat toward the end of the climax of the film when she hypnotizes Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, as well as some of the wanna-be supers who we’re introduced to, in an attempt to drive the DevTech yacht into the city.
  • Look and Feel: A+. In true Disney Pixar magic, the visual presentation of Incredibles 2 is stunning, engaging, and in-line with the era the family is supposed to be living in. With a backdrop set in a more modernized 1960s, everything from buildings, to cars, to clothing are believable. They’ve blended modernized technology with a vintage backdrop (much the same as the first Incredibles), but it’s not confusing, nor does it distract from the overall plot.
  • Humor: A+. Also in true Disney Pixar magic, there are humorous moments that will tickle both adults and kid’s funny bones alike. In short….this film is hilarious. In fact, it far exceeds the first Incredibles in this area. As a fellow stay-at-home dad, I got a kick out of Bob’s role shift from world-saving superhero to sudden stay-at-home dad when Helen gets the call from the Deavors to fight crime world-wide. And who doesn’t love Edna Mode’s clueless, sharp, one-track minded hilarities?
  • Content: B+. Overall, the content in the film is classic Disney, with strong voices, a visually stunning picture, and engaging moments between characters. However, there are a few minor content moments that parents should be aware of before taking their children (particularly those under age 6) to see this film: (1) Brief mild language pops into the dialogue a few times, (2) alcohol use as an escape is also present when Evelyn offers Helen a cocktail, and (3) there is a dark, intense scene when Elastigirl, in pursuit of Screenslaver, reaches under a door to unlock it, and Screenslaver’s glowing goggles and silhouette can be seen just beside her hand in the dark- a bit creepy, even for my two teenagers. We have no personal issues with cocktails (trust us), mild language (seriously, hang around our house for a few minutes and you’ll hear more than mild), or intense cinematic scenes (we’re Marvel junkies), but they could prompt questioning from your younger children that were not prepared for. I must say, these instances do not, in my opinion, detract from the overall storyline of the film, nor the fact that this film is completely and appropriately family-focus. Just a fair warning. (Additionally, Disney has released a flashing light warning for people who are light-sensitive or could have epileptic seizures: read the warning here.)
  • Family Focus: A+. The Incredibles franchise is, in my opinion, the premier family-focus series produced by Disney-Pixar. Throughout the film, Bob and Helen keep their family, their kids, tops on their priority list. Even when Helen is off fighting crime while Bob is at home, she checks in to make sure her family is okay. While Bob is portrayed as exhausted as a stay-at-home dad (which we all totally understand), he’s engaged, consistent, and responsible- a vital message for fellow dads (stay-at-home or not) to see played out on the big screen!

Yay For Girl-Power!

As I previously mentioned, Incredibles 2 puts an ever-important and timely spotlight on female empowerment and leadership, with Helen Parr stepping into the crime-fighting spotlight for the majority of this film. (SPOILER) She’s even personally selected by billionaires Winston and Evelyn Deavor to be the focal superhero, while Bob takes on the role of stay-at-home father (also a timely storyline). Much like I did when I first saw Wonder Woman in theaters, I stood up and cheered for the intentional equality displayed (that I’ve come to adore Disney for), and the unfiltered, or unabridged leadership that Elastigirl is given. As a feminist husband and father, I am glad that my two teenage daughters (who are both strong, empowered leaders- and told so often by us) watched a film where a female character is portrayed as strong, more than capable, and no less than male characters. I am equally glad that my sons will see this portrayed as well. Well done Disney with this!

Get In On Some INCREDIBLE Fun!

Because we love the Incredibles, we love family, and we want to provide tools for you to maximize family connectivity, we’ve created a special Family Fun Page with all kinds of fun stuff for you and your kids to do together. Fill in your info in the box below for full access….

There you have it friends- Incredibles 2 is AWESOME! Seriously! I could have summed the entire thing up with just that word. This is a film the whole family will enjoy. It’s just about the best sequel I’ve seen to a previous box-office smash, and those are rare to find anymore. You will love the humor, the message, the storyline, the strong family values, the equality, and true Disney-Pixar magic of Incredibles 2!

Have you seen Incredibles 2? What did you think? Are you heading to the theater this week? What other questions do you have? Our team is here to answer.

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