12 Reasons Why My Kids Gross Me Out!

Author of 5 books, podcaster, parent trainer, husband and father.

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I love my kids. In fact, nobody can bring me to tears quicker, or make me laugh harder, than these amazing people. I've been blessed beyond anything I could imagine. But, good grief can they gross me out. In fact, there are times when I marvel at the level of gross they can descend to in such a short amount of time. It may be a gift!

So, to get the weekend started off on a light-hearted note, here are 12 reasons why my kids gross me out (counted down from #12 of course):

#12- I find pee-soaked pull-ups stuffed in a trashcan at least a week after they were disposed.

#11- My son wipes his snotty nose on nearly every shirt I have on when I pick him up.

#10- Because he doesn’t want to interrupt his playtime in the backyard, my son uses his pants as a toilet.

#9- Speaking of toilets- when my sons aim every where else in the bathroom, except the toilet bowl, and then my wife and I walk barefoot through the bathroom or sit down on the toilet seat later on!

#8- When I tell my sons not to let any part of their body touch the urinal in a public bathroom and they proceed to drop their pants to their ankles and rest the entire lower half of their bodies against the rim- Awesome! 

#7- Feminine products that are not disposed of properly and come tumbling out on the floor when we empty trash cans around the house for trash collection day!

#6- My son sticks his head in a public urinal and screams just so he can “hear the funny echo.

#5- We find our pre-teen’s toothbrush, dry and unused, in their suitcase, weeks after camp is over.

#4- We find most of the clothes we packed for them for camp still folded the exact same way they were when we dropped them off a week earlier and it was at least 90 degrees all week.

#3- Finding used dental floss in my youngest son’s room because “he needed it to make his toy better!

#2- Finding pee-soaked sheets stuffed at the bottom of a laundry basket days after they wet the bed.

And the #1 reason why my kids gross me out is….. going number 2 and then not washing their hands before sitting down at the dinner table! (You can’t see me but I’m gagging even as I type those words!)

I’ve said it before, in many past posts, and I’ll say it again- you gotta love kids, right? I’m thankful that mine balance out the grossness with lots of hilarious and tender moments.

What are some things that your kids do that gross you out?

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