4 Reasons Why Halloween IS From Satan.

Author of 5 books, podcaster, parent trainer, husband and father.

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Darkness drapes the fall land as an array of miniature football players, Selena Gomez look-alikes, and popular TV personalities wander out with empty bags in search of sugary comfort. That's right, it's Halloween night! Suddenly, our usual quiet street is densely populated by families, clusters of pre-teens, and neighbors visiting with one another.

Honestly speaking, I love Halloween. It’s a great time spent with family and friends. Every year we host a huge party at our house, post trick or treating, complete with Chili and costume contests. We give out award certificates and trophies and allow all of our children to run wild with their friends. It’s so so much fun.

This year my wife and I were walking behind some of our children as they bounded up sidewalks and rang doorbells, when I casually made the comment, “Our kids aren’t going to come down off of this sugar high for days. Halloween really IS from Satan!” (In case you weren’t aware, there are many folks who get spooked by Halloween, claiming that it’s a Satanic holiday that celebrates darkness! We just think it’s harmless fun).

Another couple of houses and the blog post was dreamed up! So, here are the 5 reasons Halloween IS from Satan….

1. The Sugar high lasts for days.

Miraculously, my children will remain fairly well-behaved until trick or treating begins. And then, as if possessed by Beelzebub himself, they turn into little monsters with the tips of their fingers transforming into blades of destruction. Nothing is safe! Just look at the walls in my house or ask my dog. The one payoff to the sugar high is that they clearly melt down at some point, giving us a lovely excuse to cart them off to bed!

2. There’s not enough Murpheys Oil to remove the sticky film from our kitchen floor.

As we trotted across our kitchen after the party was over, our feet sounded like velcro being pulled apart. “How in the world can a sticky film like this be created in that short amount of time?” I marveled. Fortunately, my wife filled up the kitchen sink with hardwood floor solution and went to work chiseling away the grime. I think I actually saw sparks fly at one point!

3. Visits from “That Kid.”

“Only one piece of candy? The last house let me take as many as I wanted!”
“Sorry kid!”
“That’s lame!”
“Oh yeah, so is your costume!”
“I’m telling my dad!”
“Go ahead, you ungrateful sissy!”

This conversation didn’t actually happen…yet! I’m working up to it for future years. Every neighborhood has them- “that kid” who shows up 10 minutes after trick or treating has ended and complains about how much candy you didn’t give them!

4. 2 words- “Monster Mash.”

Trust me when I say that I think this song played at least 312 times between 3pm and 10pm at my house the other night. There’s only so much of a “graveyard smash” a person can handle before things literally get smashed!

Again, don’t misunderstand- I love Halloween. Especially since it’s the last stop before the beloved Holiday season begins, in my estimation. This post is just a humorous look at the not-so-great moments of Halloween.

How about you? Any humorous or irritating moments from Halloween? Keep it civil and join the conversation now! 

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